the three of us

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here we go!!

The first donations have started to roll in (thank you so much!!!) and we're excited to get things going. The three of us met in Columbus a few days ago and got super pumped about all of our ideas. Now our goal is to bridge from idea to reality and locations seem to really be holding us up at this point in time. We've been making calls and reaching out to everyone we can think of to make these events not only successful in terms of fundraising but also fun, enjoyable events that bring together people from all over our community. We're working very hard these coming weeks to nail down some dates so we can invite everyone out to hang out with us!! 

Isn't it crazy to think about that we could see the end of the devastation from breast cancer in our lifetimes? That's what keeps me pushing forward.  

Onward ho!  


Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Balance is making it personal!

This year New Balance has their pink running shoes available to personalize! You can choose to honor the memory of loved ones, or those who are fighting today. A little pricey.. but New Balance will donate 5% of the sale to Susan G. Komen!! A great way to contribute to stomping out Breast Cancer for good!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Where my journey started..

I don't think I can ever forget the day that Jess called me and told me she had cancer. I was sitting on the couch playing with Carter and was so excited she called me! I knew instantly that there was something wrong, but I wasn't prepared for what she was about to tell me. When she told me that she was having a biopsy and that they thought it was cancer, I literally almost dropped my baby. I remember going upstairs and practically throwing him at Jd and going in our room and sitting on the edge of the bed, and with tears streaming down my face I promised her it would be ok. I'm sure my voice didn't convince her, I could hear my voice shaking and as I hung up the phone I lost it. This was unfair, we're young, we can't be dealing with this already. Maybe when we are 40 but 26? This is a scene that I know happens across America every day, with thousands of women. I know I'm not the first best friend to witness her friend go through surgery, chemo, and all that comes with the big C. I knew that I would see her body physically change, loss of hair, being ill from chemo.. but I never knew I would see my best friend turn into my hero. I am so proud to call her my hero and best friend, and in her name I am walking 60 miles with my two best friends to hopefully help stop this disease. Please support us in the next few months, financially, with prayers and positive thoughts sent our way!! :) We love you all!! Thank you for whatever you can do!!

So it's official!! 218 days until we walk!

Today our team is officially registered to walk on October 8-11 in Washington D.C.!  218 days away! In those 218 days, we plan to get our noses to the grindstone and raise money for the ta-tas like we've never raised money before!

We'll post a schedule of upcoming events soon so you can know where to be when to enjoy our fundraising fun all spring/summer long! 

Amy, Alli, Jess

Team I Heart Jess going for the gold! (well pink really  :)  )