the three of us

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I still am not sure if I have digested everything we experienced this weekend, but here is my attempt to capture the spirit. I knew it would be really emotional but I think I was under prepared for how much my heart would ache for the people we have lost. Especially with so many people yearning for a loved one's smile or laugh just one more time. It was definitely moving when the banners came in bearing simple titles like, Mother,Aunt, Sister, Friend. I think this was a lot harder for Amy and I as well because we couldn't participate with Jessica as we had planned, because she was injured and is preparing for another surgery. The fact that she's still dealing with ripples from this became more evident this weekend. I will say that the last thing she probably needed was sore feet and blisters!! :) I would have loved for her to meet some of the amazing survivors whose spirit filled the National Mall and carried us all when our feet hurt to the next mile marker. It was truly a life changing moment when thousands of people took off a shoe and held it in the air as these remarkable women filled the center of the ceremony. I think we all felt like a shoe was the least we could raise to them, but it was significant in it's own humble way! The reality was that yes 40 women stood in front of us as conquerors but so many were on our minds who gave cancer everything they had and it still wasn't enough. This weekend was a test for many and a tutorial for others. Some learned that walking 60 miles was achievable and might have only called it a slight challenge. Others felt the pain in their feet and knew it would be a long three days. I personally was surprised at how much your emotions played a part in the physicality of it all. On Day 2 I was really struggling, my feet were killing me, my back hurt from sleeping on the ground and I was getting really annoyed that this walk was all UPhill.. and someone asked me who the beautiful woman on my shirt was. Instantly it was like someone smacked me in the back of the head and I remembered why I was doing this. Because women die EVERY day from breast cancer. In fact I knew two amazing women who had to leave their husbands, children, sisters, brothers and many countless other relatives behind all because of breast cancer. Blisters heal, pain goes away, and eventually the 60 miles would end, but they are still gone. All I can do now is fight for the women who are here NOW. Thank you all for supporting us and helping us join in the fight against breast cancer. The Washington DC 3-day for the Cure raised 5.1 million dollars for breast cancer research and preventative care. THANK YOU!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Only 8 days away!!

I can't believe that the calender says only 8 days away from our walk! And we're so excited because our goal of $7,000 has been met! Thanks to every single generous person that has provided financial as well as mental support along the way. We can't even express how much it means to us! Keep the happy thoughts coming as we head to DC.

When I imagine the early morning of October 8th, I picture us rising with butterflies in our stomachs as we join hundreds, maybe even thousands of men and women ready to walk towards a cure. We begin the journey as strangers but join together in a solidarity to abolish a disease from existence. I picture us as young and old, men and women, strong and weak and we are united to take a stand. There is such sadness felt in the crowd but also so many victories. We will take to the streets of DC to show in a pink-clad army that we will find a way to prevent this pain in the live in a place where the disease is simply a legend whispered about by the old but never experienced by the young. 

In preparation for this emotional event, I plan of packing my tissues of course and I've also been giving my feet pep talks to ensure that they will carry me to the finish line. Heck, I may even sprint the 60 miles! 

So Washington DC 2010 3 Day for the Cure, I accept your challenge and I will bring it. 

Stay tuned for loads of pictures and stories about our adventure!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preparing for 60 miles

Susan G. Komen really tries to prepare you for the physical journey, they give you training schedules and attire guides. They suggest blister relief and describe shin splints, but what do we do to mentally prepare for this journey? I've been thinking about why I am doing this. And after some soul searching, I'm doing this to spend three incredible days with my two best friends. I'm doing this in Washington DC, because what better place to walk in search of something? How many great men and women have walked the streets hoping for greatness? A cure is huge. A cure is great. A cure is possible? Let's Hope. The pictures are from last year, I can't wait to take a million pictures from our walk! Donate today, we are still a little short. I know everyone has given so much, we promise we will make you all proud!

Friday, September 10, 2010

So close!!

As we wrap up our fundraising for Team IheartJess we are still finding ourselves about $800 short! I am blown away by all of the support everyone has shown us and we are all deeply touched. It's an amazing feeling to see the donations come in and know that we are making a difference for so many women and their families who will be effected by this disease. We are asking for your help one more time, please send our link to everyone you know, and to post it in your status, for one hour. We know we can achieve this goal especially with the help of our amazing support system, ALL OF YOU!! Thank you so much!! Team IheartJESS - Amy, Jessica & Alli Donate today!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

An Affair to Remember!

On Saturday we came together and turned St. Cecilia pink for a night! The hall looked great thanks to Adam's design, and our guests left well fed courtesy of Visions Catering and Kathleen Smith. Swing's the Thing had our guests up and dancing with their amazing swing band! Over all the evening was a success! We laughed, we cried, and we were able to raise more money for an amazing cause. To date we have raised about $6,000 and are so close to our goal!! We hope that you all had a wonderful time, remember this journey isn't complete yet! THINK PINK!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Turn For A Nightmare....

So Alli already shared her nightmare....I had one last night. No members of the ER cast showed up and there was no fountain that needed moved, but it was equally as scary! I dreamt that people showed up at 5 instead of 7 and we fed them in 20 minutes before the band or decorator could get there. People couldn't stop telling me how lame the event was and how there should be music or something. I was like well why did you show up so dang early then? So please, buy your ticket, come at 7 and eat and be merry! It's for a good cause and it's gonna be a blast! Seriously, I'm so excited for the night. And it puts us that much closer to the actual event. I live in Mansfield at the moment so I get Cleveland stations and every day the news has included coverage of the 3 day up there. I'm so pumped! See you soon! Amy

Saturday, July 31, 2010

So it begins...

Well everyone knows that I am a worrier.. okay that's an understatement. I can admit it. Jess jokingly said the other day I worry enough for both of us! I'm glad I can take something off her plate, but I come by it honestly, a long line of worriers. We are getting into the last stages of our fund-raising and it's a waiting game. Waiting to see if people buy tickets, waiting to see what else we can do to raise this money, and waiting to see if all of our hard work comes together and everything falls into place! For anyone in a stressful situation eventually it starts manifesting other ways, for me it starts taking over my sleep! My stress dreams have begun, two nights ago in my dream we had to change locations last minute, my sister Sara was insisting that I move a water fountain ( WTF?) and Dr. Carrie Weaver( from ER) came to our Pink Tie Affair, 4 HOURS EARLY! It's funny the water fountain thing seemed so logical but as soon as I saw Dr. Weaver I knew "Oh thank God I'm dreaming". This will continue to happen for the next week until this Pink Tie Affair is over and I can relax, so help reduce my stress level. Tell us you are coming, buy your ticket before hand and please don't ask me to move water fountains!!!! Love you all, THINK PINK!