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Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Turn For A Nightmare....

So Alli already shared her nightmare....I had one last night. No members of the ER cast showed up and there was no fountain that needed moved, but it was equally as scary! I dreamt that people showed up at 5 instead of 7 and we fed them in 20 minutes before the band or decorator could get there. People couldn't stop telling me how lame the event was and how there should be music or something. I was like well why did you show up so dang early then? So please, buy your ticket, come at 7 and eat and be merry! It's for a good cause and it's gonna be a blast! Seriously, I'm so excited for the night. And it puts us that much closer to the actual event. I live in Mansfield at the moment so I get Cleveland stations and every day the news has included coverage of the 3 day up there. I'm so pumped! See you soon! Amy

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